4-Step Guide.

Making the complex simple is what we do, so naturally we’ve simplified the process of establishing an embedded network into an easy 4-step process… it’s all taken care of.

Step One

Quantify the Opportunity

We complete a preliminary desktop assessment and present the business case, along with the indicative costs of establishing and operating an embedded network. There is no cost to you at this stage.

Step Two

Validate the Opportunity

A technician visits your property to validate our assumptions and inspect the electrical infrastructure.  We’ll liaise with the local lines company to confirm the bulk line charge and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Step Three

Meter Installation

We install a market compliant gate meter that measures electricity consumption across the entire embedded network.  Tenco remotely collects data from the gate meter to manage the network on your behalf.

Step Four

Network Set-up and Go Live

We complete all of the regulatory requirements to ensure the network is compliant.

We’ll then take care of all of the ongoing management — including Electricity Authority audits.  You’ll receive monthly invoices and annual reporting that highlight the performance of the network.