If you are a property owner, developer or manager, we can help you navigate the complexities of network charges, supply agreements and related regulatory compliance issues involved in utility network billing and embedded networks.

Embedded Network Management


Embedded networks provide an additional source of income to the property owner, whilst allowing their tenants to select an electricity retailer of their choice in the same way they do in the open electricity market.





Once set up, Tenco provides network billing and reporting in industry standard formats, allowing you to focus on your core business, confident that all the day to day management and compliance is taken care of.

We’ve simplified the process to make it easy for you to set up an embedded network.

Take a look at our 4-step guide

Utility Network & Supply Billing Services


We also provide customer network and utility billing services for power, gas and water supply throughout New Zealand.  This includes meter reading, reconciliation, invoice preparation and reporting.

We’ll also help you with annual rate reviews and budgeting.


Value Add Services


We can provide a range of value add services, which include:


  • Monitoring and Analytics for Commercial Buildings
  • Energy Procurement
  • On-site Generation Management
  • Energy Advisory
  • Metering & Data Capture Solutions

If you have any energy and utility related requirements contact us, we can help make the complex simple.

Tenco Insights

Powerful analytics that can put you in control of your building.

The Tenco Insights platform can connect to a wide range of existing points within your facility to provide an online dashboard with electricity, gas and water consumption analytics. Arm facility managers to achieve meaningful savings, validate utility bills and measure sustainability projects.